Whether you are a carpenter or someone who just wants to experiment with a new wood piece, it can all take a long time to figure out what type of wood finishing you should choose. With countless options being out there, it contributes to the fact that you should choose a wood finish carefully.

Especially under the circumstance that you are dealing with a strict client, you should always keep in mind what type of wood finish they might prefer and go with that. Or, if you are given the free option of choosing the wood finish by yourself, it might be an excellent idea to research some tips on choosing a wood finish to get the perfect result.

If you do not know where to start, then the best thing to do is to take help from other resources to get to know the best finish you should choose in the end. Without further ado, let’s look at the different wood finishes that you can choose.

Sheen or no sheen

One of the most important tips that you should always keep in mind is whether you want a finish with a lot of sheens or a finish that will give off no sheen at all. The sheens that you typically choose can range from various options, such as matte finishes that will produce no sheen at all, or high-gloss sheen, which can produce a lot of sheens.

It can all depend on the preference of the client or your personal preference, and if you prefer to work with a high-gloss finish, you should go for a sheen centred wood finish so that it can reflect the lightest possible.


Another important factor that people might tend to look over is whether their wood finish is durable or not. If you are planning to lay down wood flooring on your outdoor patio or your porch, then it is not only essential but highly necessary that you paint a wood finish that will be able to take heavy wear and tear.

For this, the best finish that you can go for is typically a varnish or an oil-based finish, which can help take a lot of damage. It can also last you several years, and it will be an excellent source of durability, and it will last you a long time so that you do not need to worry about other natural factors.

Colour or no colour

Lastly, another important thing that you should keep in mind is whether you want a finish that is coloured or whether you want a colourless finish. If you prefer a natural look and keep the natural appearance of the wood, then the best thing you can choose is a colourless finish.