If you are someone who is in their mid-20s or early thirties, then you are bound to feel like your house has been lacking for the past few months and that it is time for a new look for your house. You feel like it lacks flavour and that the best way to do that is to get a new style of renovation done that will make it look brand new.

The first thing that people typically do when they try to do a renovation is to change out their flooring and replace it with a wood floor. It’s either that or they want to try out a new porch or patio look and see how it would look with wood flooring. For that to be a reality, it can take a lot of effort to come up with consistent floorboard ideas.

Once the renovation is done, there are tons of options to choose from when choosing your wood finishing. There are many options such as water-based finishes, oil-based finishes, dyes, wax finishes and many others, so how do you choose which one? The answer is that you simply need to know what types of wood finishes there might be, so let’s see what types there are.

Dye finish

The first type of wood finish that you might encounter is a dyed finish. In simple terms, it is used to “dye” the wood after it is laid down into your room floors or the porch. It can make the wood look finished and well-polished, and if the wood is extremely light in colour, you can dye it to make it look just a little bit darker than it originally was.

Oil wood finish

Another basic type of wood finish that many people will not know about but is very common is the oil wood finish. If you are working with wood that may look un-furnished or unpolished, then a layer of oil finish is the perfect way to make it look brand new and like it has been polished for hours on end. It is perfect for people who do not want to spend money on polishing their wood.

Stain finish

There could be times when you will be working on a wood piece, and it will look extremely light compared to what you had in mind. What do you do in that situation? The simple answer is that you paint on a few coats of stain wood finish, which can allow you to make the colour of the wood much darker, and it can help with the overall process of wood finishing.

These are some basic wood finishes that you should always know about if you ever decide to work on a wood piece and want to apply a certain finish.