If you have been working on several differnet projects for the past few years, you might have become extremely familiar with working with hand tools. There is an assortment of different hand tools that you might have come across, such as knives, saws, wrenches, pliers, tapes, hammers, and many others that you might use daily.

After several years, you might be thinking of switching to power tools or other working methods on your projects. Well, the reality is that nothing beats working with a good hand tool. There are countless benefits to using hand tools over power tools, and there are many ways that you can use them with ease.

We will mention a few benefits of using hand tools so that you never feel like you need to switch out to either power tools or other methods of getting the job done. So, let’s get started and get ourselves familiar with all the benefits that come equipped with hand tools.


If you prefer hand tools over power tools, then the first benefit you will notice while working with hand tools is that precision working is extremely more beneficial. When handling the tool yourself, you can work on detailed projects with much more ease, and you can work with more precision.

Hand tools are a better option if you are trying to aim for detailed and intricate work, such as carving into wood, metal, or other surfaces and creating intricate pieces of art or any other things.

Use it everywhere

Another benefit of working with hand tools is that you can use them anywhere. Typically, bigger power tools will require you to have an outlet where you can plug them to get them to work, but for hand tools, there is no such requirement as you can use them as much as you want without fearing that its battery will run out.

For this reason, hand tools might be better since you do not need an external source to get them to work, and instead, you can start using them instantly wherever your heart desires. Whether you are working on a new project or continuing an old one, it is best to use hand tools.

Less noise

The last benefit that you should know about using hand tools is that they will produce way less noise than power tools. Whether you are using a drill, a saw, or any other tool, if it is hand-held, it will produce less noise as there will be no noise source except for the natural noise from usage.

For these reasons, you should always choose to work with hand tools over power tools, as they are cheaper, but overall they are also extremely safe.