While deciding to choose a hunting bow to take on your next hunting trip, you might be stuck in a predicament. Should you go for a compound bow or a recurve bow? What should be the price point? What pros and cons could both of them offer? Which is better? These must be all questions that might be lingering in your mind while you are trying to buy a new hunting bow.

Many people make the life-changing mistake and do not do their research properly when trying to buy a hunting bow, and they do not take the time to properly sit down and see what each bow may have to offer. They spend their money and sit in agony when they try out their new bow and are severely disappointed when that happens.

For this reason, you should take help from other resources and try to figure out the best plan of action for your bowhunting. We have all the advice you should know, and we will discuss the pros and cons of a compound and a recurve bow.

Compound bow

A compound bow is the first type of bow that you can buy when you are planning o go hunting anytime soon.


  • Using a compound bow is easier since you can easily shoot without major issues.
  • Another major benefit is that the speed at which the bow might launch the arrow is faster than other bows present in the market.
  • They have excellent precision, which can make the entire process of shooting and hunting a lot easy.


  • The major con that might turn people away from a compound bow is extremely expensive.
  • If you are not an experienced bow hunter, you might have immense difficulty adjusting the bow on your own since it requires a lot of skills, time, and effort to learn.
  • They are also very heavy, which means that your arm might get extremely tired after several minutes of using them.

Recurve bows

Now, we will discuss why recurve bows might be a good bow for you or whether you might want to still stick with a compound bow.


  • They are cheaper as compared to a compound bow. While compound bows run for around 600 dollars, you can get a recurve for around 200.
  • It is easier to learn if you are a beginner at hunting. They take less time to get used to and, for this reason, are better.


  • Their accuracy is less viable if you are looking to hunt as a career, as they need more time to get an accurate shot.
  • While starting with a recurve might be easier, in the long run, it will still require you a long time to get the hang of it properly.